Sufficient economy

Start of sufficiency economy.

The use of guidelines developed to date. Has caused significant changes in all aspects of society Thailand. Be it the economy, politics, culture, society and the environment. The process of change is complex and difficult to explain in terms of cause and result. Because all changes to a factor linked to each other
for the positive effects of the development, including an increase in the rate of economic growth. Material prosperity. And utilities. Modern communication systems. Or larger amounts and more evenly distributed study. However, most of these positive effects spread to the countryside. Or the less privileged in society.
yet. Process of social change has been accompanied by negative consequences, such as the expansion of the state into the countryside. The result is a delicacy in many rural areas. Both the market and relying on intermediaries in the capital goods orders. Degradation of natural resources. System of kinship relationships. And grouped together according to resource management that were originally broken down. Knowledge to the problems and accumulated adjustments that had been forgotten and lost.
important, it is sufficient to sustain life. The basic conditions that make people self-reliant Thailand. To live with dignity and to have the power and the freedom to determine their own destiny. The ability to control and organize themselves to respond to various needs. Including the ability to manage their own problem which is considered as a potential social base in Thailand and Thailand was originally. Must not be affected. The economic crisis of the bubbles and the weakness of the country. As well as other issues that are all proven and confirmed this phenomenon as well.

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